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NIAMEX E50-1000 15ml - Hair Loss Intens. Adjuvant

NIAMEX E50-1000 15ml - Hair Loss Intens. Adjuvant

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Hair loss treatment intensive and focused specifically designed to improve and enhance hair density. It facilitates the growth of existing hair, strengthens weak hair and works on the development of each stem.

The specific Niamex ® formula is composed of a set of active ingredients that act directly on the bulbs, on the less active follicles in the miniaturisation phase, bringing significant advantages during the advanced stage of hair growth and regrowth.

Niacin, Menthol and Vitamin E carry out a thermo-stimulant action on the circulatory system of the scalp. The mix of Polyphenols and Polynucleotides (Adenine, Uracil, and Cytidine) carries out an anti-aging action and protects against free radicals.

Biotin promotes the functionality of follicles and the production of the natural pigments responsible for the color of the hair, while copper is a micronutrient that intervenes directly in th

We recommend using Niamex 50-1000 as often as once a day in this circumstance:

A. identify points of application It can be applied either on a just cleansed scalp (after shampooing) or on a dry scalp (without washing with shampoo).

B. Place the tip of the applicator in the identified points

C. press the handpiece and dispense a dose of serum on each point, until you reach 10/15 doses The serum acts on hair and scalp bulbs; We recommend that you avoid contact with hair to avoid wasting the product.

D. massage the scalp with your fingertips until completely absorbed

E. Rinse hands after use and avoid contact with eyes

Use frequency: Daily use.

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