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Niamex 50 - Anti Hair Loss - Set

Niamex 50 - Anti Hair Loss - Set

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Anti-hair Loss

The seasons follow one another, the moment comes when the leaves fall and so also our hair, especially the weak ones. The innovative Niamex 50 line is specially designed to intervene in the moments when the hair is in difficulty, giving it a contribution of vitamins and minerals essential to hinder its fall and return to its original beauty.


Step 1 Niamex 50 - Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for Weak Hair
Step 2 Niamex 50-500 - Anti-Hair Loss Treatment for Weak Hair

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Niamex Hair Growth

Niamex Hair Growth

A full treatment using the Shampoo and the After Shower Serum. It enhances the growth and accelerate the extension of your hair that will be visibly strong, long and full-bodied with the help of biotin, copper & vitamin E.  As all our shampoos are sulphate free making it suitable for all types of hair.

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